Empowering Girls To Reach Their Fullest Potential

About Exposher®

Exposher, Inc., founded in 2008 is a 501(c)3 nonprofit mentorship organization for high-school girls in the Greater Los Angeles area. Our programs and services focus on academic excellence, career achievement, and personal development.

Our primary objective is to bridge gaps often experienced by girls from underserved communities, offering safe environments that cultivate creativity, passion, and self-care.

Summer Girl Weekend Retreat

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Advising Mentorship Program

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Our Programs

We support girls with programs that encourage personal development and goal achievement.


We support academic study and achievement to the highest level of learning by providing scholarships and resources for college prep.


We facilitate enlightening experiences for girls to access career interests and diverse industry opportunities.


We provide mentors who teach and advise with positive influence to help each mentee grow personally and professionally.

"She Believed She Could So She Did!"